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Written by Hannie   
Monday, 16 February 2009 10:56

Enchanting Jazz'n Blues (Archie) and his son Breezer van het Rexenhuis† (Breezer)

After owning an normal house cat, an Oriental Shorthair and a Siamese I†met by accident a Cornish rex kitten when I was on holiday visiting Ann helen Brandal in Norway. There was something special between the small blue kitten and me, and after my holiday Ann†Helen took a plane and delivered him to me. ††

Archie had round light eyes as a kitten, something I dislike in dogs, but there was just something between us. After Archie grew up and had all health tests done he mated one female, and from that litter his son Breezer came to live with us, and they are the best of friends.


Breezer 9 weken

Breezer & Archie are the best of friends